Hi! Welcome to my website!

A computer science graduate with a dream of starting my own art business, hence the birth of this website. I started doodling when I was 15 and as time went on I became more and more obsessed with art. I have tried out many art mediums: digital art, oil painting, acrylic painting, water colour, charcoal etc. I am no expert in art and I am still learning and trying to improve my skills every day. My favorite mediums right now are digital painting and oil painting.

Learning and improving art takes time, lots and lots of time, it takes even more time if you’re exploring it on your own. When I first started learning art, I encountered many difficulties and wasted lots of valuable time as I did not have any guidance. I was lost in all the different theories, mediums, tools, materials, techniques etc. However, after years of watching YouTube art tutorials, reading art books and asking my good friend google for help, I was finally able to improve.



I’d like to share my experiences and knowledge throughout my art journey with other like-minded artists or people who are thinking of starting to learn art. I hope that by doing so, artists who are just starting out will be able to benefit from my experiences, improve faster and not waste as much time as I did.

Another reason for this website is that it’ll be able to help me improve my writing skills. I’ve never written blogs before and it’ll be a good experience for me. Furthermore, by doing research to write art blogs, it will also help me improve my art knowledge as well.

As mentioned before, I want to start my own art business, so hopefully, some visitors will like my art and buy my original art or give me commissions.


What I plan to have on my website

– Tutorials on digital drawing software such as Procreate and Photoshop.

– Art theories, tutorials and techniques for various art mediums

– Process break down of how I create some of my own artwork

– Sell my original art

– Art commissions: portraiture, character drawings, book cover etc

– Reviews on art-related books and materials

– Many more!



All the best,

Mary Li


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