Commission Info + T&C

- Process

  1. Contact me about your commission (see top of page for contact details).
  2. I’ll get back to you with some questions about what you’re looking for and then a final quote and timeframe
  3. If you accept the price and timeframe, make your first payment to secure your slot, then I will start with the commission when the agreed time arrives.
  • Please provide me with reference photos if you want a certain pose or character.
  • Commissioned artworks are for personal use. Contact me for commercial use.
  • Please be patient as I may take longer depending on the list of commissions I have at the same time, how complicated the commission is etc. I will send you work in progress pictures as I work.
  • I will reject commissions that I’m not comfortable with.
  • Please do not remove my signature /watermark when sharing the work online.
  • I will post the finished artwork on my social media and as example work for my commission listings.
  • Please credit me where possible by linking to my Instagram, Twitter or here when sharing my work online.
Making changes
  • I will keep you updated with each step of the drawing process and will only continue after getting your approval to do so. Afterwards, any major changes will cost extra depending on the situation

- Payment

The currency in my prices is British Pounds.
I prefer payment through Paypal or Ko-fi. Please contact me if you prefer other payment methods.
Pay in full upfront for commissions under £100.
Part payments acceptable if the commission is above £100. Once I’ve received the payment, I will start working on your commission when the agreed date arrives.
Some commissions will need part upfront payment in order to secure your slot.
The prices listed may change depending on the complexity of the commission.

- Refund

Full refund if I have not started working on your commission and it’s a month before our agreed start date Partical refunds possible depending on the situation


[Vtuber Commission] Which face tracking software can I import the model in?

Once I’m done rigging your model, I will send you your model folder. You can import this folder into Facerig, Prprlive, Vtuber Studios. (there may be other face tracking software that works with it but I only know the 3 mentioned)


[Vtuber Commission] Will you help me with the import process to the face tracking software?

Yes, I will show you how to import your model if you’re using Facerig, Prprlive or Vtuber Studios. I can also show you the setup process to obs studios too if needed.

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