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Detailed Model Example - Full Process

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If you have any questions, feel free to to contact me at: ♡ maryliart@gmail.com ♡ Twitter Instagram

Prices mentioned below are one time fees! You can use the model to stream, make videos and earn money with no extra charges. However, if you’re going to use any art I’ve done to put on merch, sell as prints or on products, please contact me for a contract. 

Prices will increase in the future depending on my skills, the demand etc.
Prices can vary depending on art style, complexity etc.

Please also credit me as the artist where ever appropriate. A simple mention with a link to this page or ♡ Twitter Instagram will be enough. 

I do accept payments in parts but I will only send you the finished files after full payment’s been made. To secure a spot you’ll have to at least make the first payment of a minimum £100. You can check my waiting list available from the link at the top of the page.

I will use the commissioned work as part of my portfolio and may also post or stream the process on social media. If you don’t want me to do so please let me know.

Commissions can take up to 2 or 3 months depending on the commission.

Click here to see T&C and payment info

Full Process Prices

  • Standard Model – Waist up —————– £1000
  • Standard Model – Full body ——————- £1500
  • Detailed Model – Waist up ————— £1500
  • Detailed Model – Full body ————— £2000
  • Ultra Detailed model – Full body ————— £2500
  • 1 month delivery —– 30% extra
  • 2 weeks delivery —— 60% extra
  • (normal full process delivery timeframe is 2-3 months)

Model Art Only Prices (With  detailed cutting)

  • Waist up ———— £800
  • Full body ———— £1200
  • (normal delivery timeframe is 1-2 months)

Rigging Only Prices

  • Standard Waist up ———— £500
  • Standard Fullbody ———— £800
  • Detailed Waist up ——— £800
  • Detailed Fullbody ——— £1200
  • (normal delivery timeframe is 1-2 months)

Standard Model Rig

  • Head XYZ
  • Eye blink + smile
  • Eyebrows + Happy + Frown
  • Simple mouth shape
  • Smile blush
  • Body XYZ
  • No idle action
  • Breathing
  • Simple physics, smaller movements, little swing/ bouncing etc
  • 4 expression toggles of your choice
  • no steppies(fullbody)

Detailed Model Rig

  • Head XYZ + larger movements
  • Eye blink + smile + eye physics
  • Eyebrows + Happy + Frown + more details
  • Detailed mouth shape
  • Smile blush
  • Body XYZ + larger movements
  • Idle action
  • Breathing
  • Detailed physics, larger movements, swing/ bouncing etc for hair, clothing, chest, eye, ears
  • 8expression toggles of your choice
  • steppies (fullbody)
  • hipsway (fullbody)

Ultra Detailed Model

  • Full body only
  • everything from detailed tier
  • More physics
  • More layer seperation
  • Larger head & body movements
  • More expressive facial movements
  • vbridger rigging
  • custom afk animation
  • 12 custom expression toggles
  • basically just me going all out doing everything I can think of on the model

Animation/ Extras

Will cost extra depending on what you want! 

– Animation

– toggle expressions, poses, outfits

– idle animation (loops forever. eg: tail sway, ear wiggle)

– tongue rigging £50

– vbridger rigging £80

– live2d hand tracking £200

– etc

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