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Please read!

Vtuber full process from start to finish! Or individual part commission is ok too!

If you’d like to contact me, you can message me on Etsy , email me at, or dm me on Instagram !

Prices mentioned below are one time fees! You can use the model to stream, make videos and earn money with no extra charges. However, if you’re going to use any art I’ve done to put on merch, sell as prints or on products, please contact me for a contract. 

Prices will increase in the future depending on my skills, the demand etc.

Please also credit me as the artist where ever appropriate. A simple mention with a link to this page or my Instagram will be enough. 

Prices can vary depending on art style, complexity etc. If you have a lower budget, we can try to work something out that suits your need at a lower cost.

For vtuber commissions I do accept payments in parts but I will only send you the finished files after full payment’s been made. To secure a spot you’ll have to at least make the first payment. You can check my waiting list from the link at the top of the page.

I will use the commissioned work as part of my portfolio and may also post or stream the process on social media. If you don’t want me to do so please let me know.

Commissions can take up to 1 or 2 months depending on the commission.

Full Workflow Overview

Character Design

Start here if you do not have your character designed and drawn out!

Art file

I will cut up your character drawing into various pieces so that it’s ready to be imported into Live2D.


With the prepared art file, I will rig your model in live 2D so that it’s ready to be used in face tracking software.

Animation/ extras

Extra expressions, animations etc.

This step is optional


Which face tracking software can I import the model in?

Once I’m done rigging your model, I will send you your model folder. You can import this folder into Facerig, Prprlive, Vtuber Studios. (there may be other face tracking software that works with it but I only know the 3 mentioned)

Will you help me with the import process to the face tracking software?

Yes, I will show you how to import your model if you’re using facerig or Prprlive. I can also show you the setup process to obs studios too if needed.

Character Design Only

Comes with:

Character design
Simple coloured character illustration (front view only)

Chest up: £120 (no hands)

Full body: £250

This is for people who only have a very vague idea of what they want their characters to be. 

If you already have a character reference for me to work with you don’t need this step.

Price will vary depending on complexity and art style.

If you’re a on low budget I can do simple or flat coloured illustration for a lower cost. 

Art File Only

Comes with:

PSD file of your character in all the necessary parts. Ready for rigging in live2D

Chest up: £200 (no hands)

Full body: £350

If you already have a PSD file with the prepared parts ready for importing into live2d you can skip this step.

Price will vary depending on complexity and art style.

Rigging Only

I will go through the importing process with you to facerig or prprlive if needed. And also how I set up in OBS.

Rough prices for different tiers of rigging down below. The final quote will depend on your model’s complexity etc. 

Example video for the 2 different types coming soon!

Basic Rigging

Chest up: £200 (no hands)

Fullbody: £350

Comes with:

  • head movement xyz
  • body movement xyz
  • eye blinking + happy + neutral + sad
  • eyeball movement
  • eyebrow happy + neutral + sad
  • mouth movement happy + neutral + sad
  • breathing
  • simple physics

Full Rigging

Chest up: £300 (no hands)

Fullbody: £450

Comes with everything from Basic Rigging plus:

  • lip sync
  • more detailed physics
  • more natural facial and body movements

Animation/ Extras

Will cost extra depending on what you want! 

  • Animation
  • idle animation (animation that loops forever)
  • toggle expressions (eg: angry, crying, blushing, crying)
  • backgrounds
  • etc


Character Design + Art File + Rigging

Character Design (part) + Art File

Character Design + Art File + Rigging

Character Design + Art File + Rigging


Character Design + Art File + Rigging

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