The Anatomy of Style – Patrick J. Jones


Title: The Anatomy of Style

Author: Patrick J. Jones

Publisher: Korero Press Ltd

Year: 2017

Number of Pages: 160+

Available at: Amazon

About the Artist

PATRICK J. JONES is an award-winning sci-fi and fantasy artist and teacher. His work is collected and published worldwide, and his client list includes such companies as Disney, Lucasfilm and Roc books.

Book Description

Structure + Gesture = Style! This simple formula is the idea behind the art of multi-award-winning figurative artist and teacher Patrick J. Jones. In this in-depth, step-by-step life drawing masterclass, Patrick expands on this formula and explores and explains the foundational techniques for drawing anatomically accurate figures with style, confidence and grace.

Using his own beautifully realized artworks as examples – including his legendary annotated “Masterclass Study Sheets”, until now only seen by his students – Patrick shares his creative process, and offers invaluable tips and advice on everything from choosing the best drawing tools to identifying the key “landmarks” of the body. (Description taken from back of the book)


Here I will give you a quick summary of what you can expect from each section.


In the introduction section, Patrick talks briefly about his past and introduces us to his formula for achieving style. This formula is then emphasised and mentioned various times throughout the book to drill the concept into your mind.

He then shows us his drawing materials and talks about his studio setup.

Part one: Foundation

Shows important landmarks and proportions on the human body and the difference between make and female anatomy. Detailed notes and tips on various sections of the body.

Part two: Masterclass

More notes and tips on landmarks and proportions. This time focusing more on the torso and the head and some facial features.

Part three: Drawing from life

Talks about techniques for gesture drawing. Introduces the idea and technique of Gestudy that the artist came up with himself for quick gesture drawing and studies.

He then shows techniques for different timed poses.

Part four: The artistic voice

Here he talked about drawing with style, looking at the body as a landscape and how to tackle foreshortening.

Part five: The art of serendipity

More step by step drawings with detailed explanations of his techniques and thoughts.


Part six: Gateway to painting

Shows some examples of the process where figure drawings are turned into paintings. Also many pointers on anatomy from those paintings.

Part seven: selected drawings

A gallery of figure drawings of various time length using the techniques from the book.

My Experience

I discovered this artist while doing research for my art project and instantly fell in love with his figure drawings. They are full of energy, movement and atmosphere, I wish I could draw my figures like that! Once I found out on his website that he wrote books on anatomy, I knew I had to read them. So I bought this book and read it.

I enjoyed reading the book and personally has learnt a lot from this book. I’ve tried out new drawing tools that were mentioned and used in the book such as chamois cloth and sanguine coloured pencils. I’ve also learnt many new ways to measure proportions and new ways to see important anatomical landmarks on the human body. Using the chamois cloth, which is now my new favourite drawing tool, I was able to try out new techniques without fear of mistakes. This helps me loosen up more and create more gestural lines and marks. Overall it was a great purchase.

Interested? Get the Anatomy of Style book HERE!

Here are some of my drawings after learning from this book

If you are interested in purchasing some of my artworks, please visit my artworks page or click here.



I’d recommend this book for anyone who’s interested in improving their figure drawing skills and also working on creating their own style. For beginners who are new to anatomy, some parts may be too technical to read. This book assumes that you have a basic understanding of anatomy such as the skeletons and muscle groups. However, I’m certain they will come in handy once you’ve learnt the basics on your own.

Figures from life is another figure drawing book written by Patrick which I’m eager to read. This book is a follow up of The Anatomy of Style. I will be making a book review of it once I’ve read it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it useful.

If you get the book using the link I’ve provided I get a small commission which helps me keep reviewing more art products.

Get the Anatomy of Style book HERE!

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6 Responses

  1. This is a really great post, I need a book to buy for my friend who is into drawing and after reading your review I’m certain this is something he’ll really like. I’m not so in dept into drawing but I can tell that those drawings you made after buying the book is really good and I’m sure it’ll help my friend improve his drawings too. I’ll get if from your link as requested. Do have a wonderful day

  2. Well, this is an excellent review of the book Anatomy of style. I actually read this post out of curiosity because I saw that it was written by Patrick J Jones. I’m not really vast in the knowledge and act of drawing not to talk of creating my style, however, I am an art enthusiast and I know definitely I will get some things to quench my thirst for top notch artistry out of this book. The more credibility you gave this book is because it is straightforward from your experience while using it and surely, I may get the book to read.

    1. Thankyou. Glad you liked the review! Hope you’ll enjoy the book if you decide to get it.

  3. i always appreciate a good book review. The Anatomy of Style looks like an excellent book for artists and non-artists alike. It looks like you took a lot from the book and your drawings are excellent! You really have a talent and I am going to bookmark your page so that I can remember to check out your drawings. I see that the one is already sold out, keep up the good work!

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