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Welcome back to my tutorial on the Procreate 4.2 app! We are almost done with all the basic parts of the app! In this post, I will be going through the Action tab. You will be able to share and save your work, edit your canvas or application settings to cater them more to your personal needs and help improve your workflow. The actions option contains 6 sub-options: add, canvas, share, video, prefs and help. Each of them has further actions you can take. These 6 options can be seen in a row on the top of the actions interface after you’ve tapped on the action icon in the main menu.

Some of the features I’ve mentioned below may have been changed or disabled due to the recent update to Procreate 4.3. I will address them where applicable. For more updated features, read my post on new features in Procreate 4.3.


Add text

Procreate 4.2 allows you to add text however, they weren’t very customisable. The new version 4.3 contains a whole interface for you to edit your text. Read about it in my update post on Procreate 4.3.

Insert a file

This option lets you add an image file into the canvas. The files app will show up and you can browse around and choose your file. Incompatible files look slightly faded and will not be able to be added into the canvas.

Insert a photo

This option brings up your photos app for you to choose a photo to be added into your canvas.

Take a photo

This option brings up your camera app for you to take a photo which will then be added into your canvas.


This option copies and then deletes your current layer or selection


This option copies your current layer or selection.

Copy canvas

This option copies all layers that are currently visible as a single image. So when you paste after that it will only be one layer that’s added.


Pastes and copies content to your layers. This option is only available when an image/ layer/ selection is copied to the clipboard.

It will remain greyed out if there is nothing copied to the clipboard.


Crop and resize

If you are unhappy about your canvas size after you’ve done some artwork on it, this lets you change the size of your canvas to your liking.

Drawing  guide

the drawing guide provides guides such as guidelines to help you draw in perspective, symmetry, etc. When the drawing guide option is turned on, the edit drawing guide option just below it will be activated.
There are quite a lot to talk about in this function and I will be writing a future post all about it.

Flip canvas horizontally

Flips your canvas horizontally

Flipping your canvas can help you look at your artwork with a fresher point of view and lets you spot areas for improvement easier.

Flip canvas vertically

Flips your canvas vertically

Canvas information

This shows information about your canvas such as date created, last edited, dimensions, layers used, maximum layers allowed, resolution, video quality, length, file size etc.


You are able to share your artwork in various different types of files: Procreate, PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Some ways to share your artwork is to save images to your Photos app, save to files, messaging, printing etc.


Time-lapse replay

This function shows you a sped up video replay of the process of your artwork. By sliding a finger to the left or right on the screen, you can speed up the video even more or reverse and go back to the beginning of the video.

Time-lapse recording

Turn this option on to allow time-lapse to be recorded. Turn this off and your drawing process will not be recorded.

Start live broadcast

This allows you to live stream your screen on social media like Facebook.

Since the Procreate update to version 4.3, this option has been deleted. You can find an alternative way to stream your work process here: https://procreate.art/faq

Export time-lapse video

Allows you to save the time-lapse video to your photos app or share/ save it on available apps.

You will be given the choice of exporting the full-length video or 30 seconds sped up version of the video.


Light interface

Turn this on or off for a light or dark interface. Personally, I prefer and use the dark interface.

Right-hand interface

This changes the side which the sidebar sliders are on depending on your preference.

Brush cursor

Shows you where your brush is so you can see where you’re painting, how big the brush is etc.

Project Canvas

You can connect your iPad with another display. the second display will only show the artwork in full-screen mode.

Rapid undo delay

Double tapping with 2 fingers gives you one undo. If you hold your fingers on the screen on the second tap and wait for a while, you are able to undo multiple actions until your fingers leave the screen. This function allows you to change the amount of time you need to hold on the screen or rapid undo to start. Slide the slider left or right to decrease or increase the time.

Selection mask visibility

When you make a selection, the unselected areas are shaded and masked. This function allows you to change how visible the masked unselected areas are. Slide the sliders left or right to increase or decrease the visibility of the unselected areas.

Connect third-party stylus

If you are not using an apple pencil and are using another pressure sensitive stylus, you can connect them there.

Edit pressure curve

If you have a naturally soft or hard pressing pressure, you can adjust the pressure curve for your stylus to fit your preference. This changes the amount of pressure you need to put on the canvas to achieve certain brush thickness.

Gesture controls

I’ve made a post on gesture controls here.


What’s new?

Shows you the new features in the latest update.

Restore Purchases

Procreate used to have in-app purchases. If you’ve lost them or changed an iPad, you can restore your past purchases here.

Advanced settings

This brings you to your device’s settings app where you can adjust even more settings relating to your Procreate App. You can change things like time-lapse video quality, palm support levels, preferred file and image support when exporting etc.

Learn to Procreate

Brings you to youtube with a list of video tutorial on how to use the Procreate app.

Customer support

Brings you to the procreate website where you can have access to the procreate artist’s handbook or look through their FAQs. Can find what you’re looking for? You can always ask on the community or email support.

Procreate portfolio

This brings you to the procreate showcase page where amazing artworks from different artists are showcased there. You can also sign up and show your artworks, like or comment on other people’s artworks.

I have now covered all the main functions of the procreate app! In future posts, I will be explaining how to use more advanced functions in detail. For example, how do curves work, how to use drawing guides etc. Now that you’ve learnt how to use the majority of the Procreate app, you should be able to easily create artworks with it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and has learnt something new from it.

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  1. Hello Mary li from Stan Doran Liverpool england
    I registered with procreate about 4 months ago, and uploaded some of my images to the showcase, however i have found it impossible to find my artwork when viewing the showcase.
    i would love to see my artwork on the showcase page, can you advise how i do this.
    Regards Stan

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